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tSheets started off as an easy way to update character sheets at the table since we had some laptops in use already. The "t" in tSheets comes from one of my characters named Tasala. Amusingly enough Tasala has never been entered into one of the Fill-in sheets I made. Oh well. The first sheet I made was for Star Wars d20, and while I was at it I started working on an AD&D sheet also since we were already playing that campaign too. Since I did an AD&D sheet I naturally did a 3.5 sheet even though we had no immediate plans to play that. Well, as it turns out we now have an Eberron campaign too. I will be adding Mechwarrior and Exalted sheets after I work out the naming standards framework so others can join in on this fun (read: tedious work). I may be so amused to even add CVS (content versioning system) to the site.

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